I've been working in Antelope (former EOSIO) blockchain space since EOS mainnet launch. During this time, I met a great number of wonderful people, and we have run some interesting projects together. As as a software engineer and open source enthusiast, I've always tried to share as much knowledge as possible, and this has led to a number of publications in my blog and on GitHub.
In this book I will try to address most common questions asked in the Antelope Developers chat, and give my recommendations on designing the smart contracts and blockchain applications.
While talking to many software developers, I found out that the most missing thing in Antelope/EOSIO is the understanding of the big picture. Basically, how stuff works. I will try to cover that as much as possible, as this topic is of interest on all levels of blockchain businesses: business owners, software architects, developers, and server administrators.
THIS WRITING IS STILL IN PROGRESS. Some chapters are not finished yet, and some examples are missing. Also proofreading hasn't started.
This work is sponsored by a Pomelo grant and direct grant from the ENF.
Copyright (c) 2022 [email protected]
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